(White Meat Chicken $2 Extra)

K1.  Gui Zhou ChickenSpicy 18.00
K2.  Stir-Fried Boneless Chicken w. Roasted ChilliSpicySpicySpicy 18.00
K3.  Szechuan Spicy ChickenSpicySpicy 17.00
K4.  Sweet and Sour Chicken 17.00
K5.  Orange ChickenSpicy 17.00
K6.  Sesame Chicken 17.00
K7.  General Tso's ChickenSpicy 17.00
K8.  Chicken with Garlic SauceSpicy 17.00
K9.  Chicken with Your Choice of Vegetable
Broccoli, snow peas, string beans, bean sprout, tofu, eggplant
K10.  Chicken with Peanut in Hot Pepper SauceSpicy 17.00
K11.  Moo Shu Chicken
with 4 pancakes
K12.  Hunan ChickenSpicy 17.00
K13.  Chicken with Cashew Nuts 17.00
K14.  Dry Sauteed String Bean with Chicken 17.00