Fish or Seafood

F1.  Boneless Whole Fish with Pine Nuts 26.00
F2.  Braised Whole Fish with Hot Bean SauceSpicySpicy 26.00
F3.  Fish with Pickled Cabbage 26.00
F4.  Sliced Fish in a Spicy Sauce SoupSpicySpicy 26.00
F5.  Steamed Whole Fish with Black Bean Sauce 26.00
F6.  Braised Fish Fillet w. Nap Cabbage in Chilli SauceSpicySpicy 24.00
F7.  Braised Fish Fillets and Soft Tofu with Chili SauceSpicySpicy 26.00
F8.  Sauteed Lobster Szechuan StyleSpicy 35.00
F9.  Lobster with Ginger and Scallion 35.00
F10.  Prawns with Garlic SauceSpicy 22.00
F11.  Crispy Prawns with Szechuan SauceSpicySpicy 22.00
F14.  Fresh Squid with Kung Pao SauceSpicySpicy 20.00
F15.  Hot and Spicy Baby ShrimpSpicySpicy 18.50
F16..  Prawns w. Broccoli 20.00
F17..  Sweet & Sour Prawns 甜酸大虾 20.00
F18..  Prawns & Cashew Nuts 腰果大虾 22.00
F20.  Prawns w. Lobster Sauce 大虾龙湖 20.00
F21.  Braised fish Filet w. Hot Bean Sauce 豆瓣鱼片SpicySpicy 22.00
F6E.  Braised Fish Filet w. Napa Cabbage in Chili Sauce 水煮鱼片SpicySpicy 22.00