Hot Appetizers

A1.  Fried Cream Cheese Wonton with Crab Meat 8.00
A2.  Egg Roll 4.00
A3.  Spring Roll (Pork and Shrimp) 4.00
A4.  Vegetable Spring Roll 4.00
A5.  Pork, Chicken or Vegetable Dumpling (Steamed or Pan Fried) 8.50
A6.  Steamed Shrimp Dumpling 9.00
A7.  Szechuan Wonton with Red OilSpicy 8.50
A8.  Dan Dan Noodle w. Minced PorkSpicySpicy 8.50
A9.  BBQ Chicken on a Skewer with Satay Sauce ( Sauce on the side) 9.00
A10.  Crispy Chicken Wings 9.00
A11.  BBQ Spare Ribs (4 pieces) 11.00
A12.  Scallion Pancake 8.50
A13.  Roast Duck (Half) 20.00
A13.  Roast Duck (Qt) 12.00
A14.  Stir Fried Pine Nut with Choice of Minced Chicken, Shrimp in Lettuce Wrapper 13.00
A15.  Edamame 7.00