Signature Dishes

H1.  Peking Duck (Half) 30.00
H1.  Peking Duck (Whole) 54.00
H2.  Seafood with Salt and PepperSpicy
Prawns, scallops and calamari lightly battered and sauteed with salt and pepper, served on a bed of fresh lettuce
H3.  Crispy Filet of FlounderSpicy
Filet of flounder lightly battered and sauteed with spicy and brown sauce
H4.  Crispy Prawns and ScallopsSpicy
Lightly battered prawns and scallops sauteed in a tangy sauce and served in a crispy pancake surrounded by broccoli
H5.  Triple Delight
Chicken, Prawns and beef with mixed vegs
H6.  Stir-Fried Chicken with Spicy CapsicumSpicySpicy 20.00
H7.  Three Rooms with Broccoli
Black mushroom, fresh mushroom and straw mushroom sauteed with Chinese broccoli
H8.  Dry Sauteed String Bean & Spring Bamboo Shoot 18.00
H9.  House Special TofuSpicy
Lightly Pan-Fried Bean Curd Braised with szechuan preserved veg. in a mild spciy brown sauce.